Hi Folks – 

Even though there is the daily work that needs to be completed as I sit here, this is a great time of the year to be working in the church office. Up until a few days ago, the scent of lilac was so strong that I found myself stopping from time to time just to take it in.

Although we may complain about the amount of rain we’ve had to endure over the last few weeks, the lawns and gardens that surround Trinity are lush and beautiful. Driving up the lane, peonies and irises welcome you to the place and from time-to-time I’ll recess to the backyard picnic table to read and/or enjoy my lunch.

In this moment, no one can deny God’s creation, God’s handiwork!

And so, again, we’re blessed in this part of the world with the movement of the seasons.

Of course all of this can’t mask the fact that our momentary escapes from the work that is expected of us can’t last forever. Worship needs to be planned, sermons need to be written, programs need to be formulated and executed – the seasons will change, the flowers will fade, the leaves will fall and we will find reasons to enjoy the other seasons.

But for now … let’s listen to the birds, let’s breathe in the perfumed air and let’s give thanks and praise.


This week, the Sunday School present it annual Sunday School Tea after worship. Tea, of course will be served, along with soup, sandwiches and dessert. A free will offering is all that is expected.