Hi Folks –

We had an odd occasion at our house this past Sunday night!

Both boys are back and living with us – at the moment – and so you would think that we get to see a lot of them. Well, Trish and I do run into them more often, but each of them have lives that are very busy.

Aaron – who just graduated from college – is working 10-12 hour days and Dillon is playing with two lacrosse teams this summer. So we’re like ships crossing in the dark. You know that each other is there, but you don’t always see them.

Last Friday, Dillon asked if a few of his friends could come over for dinner on Sunday. So, over ribs, beans, Caesar salad and pie the four of us plus three gathered. And we talked … and talked. The guys didn’t text, tweet, Instagram or snapchat – much – we simply had conversation and ate good food. My ribs are legend!

In a similar vein, I always enjoy the meals we have at Trinity – both as fundraisers and pot luck – not just because of the great food, but because of simply sitting down and breaking bread together. It’s at those moments when we might catch up, when we may hear something that we never knew about each other, when we stop crossing each other’s paths and take time to share.

Christ, too, did a great deal of his ministry around a meal – at the wedding in Cana, in the upper room, at the lakeshore and in various other venues. We need to eat. We need to be together. We need to listen to each other and tell our own story. What better place to do that then at table.

As we go into the summer months, may each of our picnic and patio tables be blessed along with the conversations that happen there.


Next week, I will be away for a week of Continuing Education. Elizabeth Peeters will be in the pulpit on June 28th.